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Hi there! Thinking about booking here? Please, indulge me and read on first, see what's up here, then make up your mind,ok? Thank you :)
While the house has all the amenities of a hostel, we and a huge proportion of our guests think of it as home and way point for travelers. You can have a wonderful time here and get much more than your money can buy, but only if this text resonates with you.
If you are narrow minded, spoiled, prissy or if you expect us to bow to unreasonable whims, or you're the type that is afraid for their safety and/or belongings and thinks the rest of the world is out to get you, don't come here. We live in a ordinary, safe and quiet neighborhood where it's perfectly normal not to lock doors and worry about such things, even though we have lockers and a safe and all that. The way we do things here is: simple, honest, efficient; please respect the house, it's rules (mostly regarding hygiene and respectful behavior), the efforts of the people that run it and the community that has grown around it.
Take your time, study the reviews (there's 1000+), that's what choosing the right hostel for you is about - ESPECIALLY those of unhappy guests because they tell a good story - if you recognize yourself in them, please skip the booking and save all of us the trouble, no money is worth the time and energy such people require. Also, if it's only the price that appeals to you, DON'T book. Though it's necessary, money is not our primary goal - we value our place too much to let just anyone stay here and ruin the atmosphere for the rest. Yes, we make selections. The long years of running this place have taught us much – we’ve had more than 20,000 people here, so I think we are entitled to claim a bit of know-how :) We don't believe this house is for just anyone, so make sure you read this text because we have had enough of ignorant tourists, their fake smiles and the complications they create - this is a place for travelers and those who have common sense and an easy going approach to life. Troublesome, complicated people will be asked kindly to leave the hostel (and i will refer to exactly this introduction if it comes to that) and go somewhere else, we'll gladly recommend another hostel more suited for those who misread this text and somehow end up booking here, no problem. Hope you get the basic idea, please let me invite you to continue reading about the house and thank you for understanding.

The house is a simple, clean, warm and cozy place, run by friends, as well as an ongoing ambiance & art project, with many contributions and handmade items from different places. We prefer simplicity, honesty, spontaneity, community, common sense, talks, exchange of ideas, to see who you are and what you do - as long as you respect the house and the people in and around it, you’ll have all our knowledge and resources at your disposal.

LOCATION: READ THE DIRECTIONS ON HOSTELWORLD how to find us, they’re easy and precise. We're located 15-20 min. by tram from the center, in a peaceful neighborhood, as well as 15 minutes walking from the nature park 'Grmošćica', located on the foothills of Medvednica, the local mountain. Ideal if you love hiking & nature. Feel free to ask for tips, also read more below regarding hiking.

As one of the first hostels in Zagreb, we stay true to our reputation as a very friendly place - we really take care of our guests:
• No over-bookings - in case of human error (happens sometimes), we'll book another hostel for you and pay the taxi to take you there.
• If, in above case, there’s a price difference not in your favor, we cover it.
• If, in above case, no free beds can be found in the city, you sleep at a friend's place, free of charge.
• In summer it often happens that the city is full - you can come to our place and we'll see to it that you don't sleep in the train or bus station.
• You don't pay for anything else except the bed you booked (see below also)

****** Stuff you can do & have here at the hostel - besides Sleeping: D *******
• You're welcome to join us in exploring Zagreb - we'll show you places outside the tourist mainstream, the secret haunts of the city etc., if you're interested in that.
• You can have free yoga lessons - in summer, that’s the yoga terrace, under starlight & with candles, just let Igor know on time.
• certified massage by Anna, for an excellent price.
• Other free stuff: laundry, coffee/tea, random food
• Sexy, superfast fiber optics internet
• Free bikes for guests that stay longer – Zagreb is
excellent for bike tours
• Free local wine, and not just some cheap swill: D
• Community dinners, after a market day (see below). Ask us on time, this takes time to organize and is not done as a routine. Nothing here is. Except the cleaning: D
• People who are interested in local culture are most welcome to join us on a market day - it’s a lovely event and one of the genuine local things to experience.
• If you're into hiking, let us know – the area around Zagreb is wonderful, if there’s time, I’ll invite you to join me and Fenris the dog in exploring some of the sites.
• Possible (depending on staff schedule): trips to very special out-of-city locations (ask at the reception). Cost: guest shared - gasoline (and car rental, if necessary because of more people), nothing else.
• Special note to gamers: Numenera & Planescape sessions available, ask at reception!
• We can give you invaluable insider advice on Zagreb and Croatia, as well as access to the social network. Don’t be shy, don't hesitate to ask us, some of us have traveled enough around here to know a thing or two.

The house is also ideal if you just want to have a quiet time on your own, bothered by no one, to do your own thing – Mali Mrak is *NOT* a party hostel, we don’t do pub crawls, drinking games or similar routines.
Also, for those who are traveling on a budget and have certain skills- if you can and feel like it, feel free to contribute /upgrade the house in a specific way - we love that (especially the art section has grown in the meantime) - create something and in return you can get a discount or a free stay. You certainly wouldn't be the first, and we are known to support travelers in many more ways than just giving convenient bed prices. Work for stay & food available, contact us via email for that.
See you around - or not , if this text offended you :)

The City Tax (7kn per person per night or cca. 1€) is not included in the room price you book online. We have to charge it in any case, and since many wonder what that is, here goes: it's not something any hostel makes up, it's just that - a city tax that goes to the state of Croatia, a way to make money. We must charge it, and keep it separately because of account keeping, so we rather choose not to incorporate it into the bed price (that means: raising that same price for said amount and proclaim 'no additional tax') and charge it separately and show it on your bill.
Card are accepted, but the 3% bank fee is paid by YOU, not the hostel!

That's all, folks!


  • 24 Hour Reception
  • Air Conditioning
  • BBQ
  • Bicycle Parking
  • Board games
  • Book Exchange
  • Breakfast Not Included
  • Common Room
  • Fax Service
  • Free City Maps
  • Free Internet Access
  • Free Parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Games Room
  • Hairdryers
  • Hot Showers
  • Housekeeping
  • Internet Access
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Linen Included
  • Lockers
  • Luggage Storage
  • Meeting Room
  • Outdoor Terrace
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Tea/Coffee Making Facilities
  • Towels Included
  • Washing machine


There is this Ilica street, one of the longest streets in Zagreb (5.66 km). When you get to the number 275 turn left (at the bakery called 'Mlinar') corner. That is Ivani?eva street (Ulica Matije Ivani?a) and you just enter it.

Dubi?ka is the first street on the right from Ivani?eva.
We are 400m from the tram station,15 minutes by tram from the central square of Zagreb.

- From the main square ( Ban Jelacic square ) take trams 6 or 11
- From the main train station take trams 2 or 6
- From the main bus station take trams 2 or 6
- From the airport take a bus ( 4Eur or 30kn ) that will take you to the main bus station. You can also take a city bus ( blue one ) for 13kn that brings you to the main train station but you'll have to walk 1km from the airport to get to the station.

-All trams must be taken in direction ?RNOMEREC. Here is the link to day tram lines: and the night lines:
Your ride will take cca 15-20 min. Your stop is the last one, called ?rnomerec. ( It is the sixth station from the Jelacic square )

When you get there, just keep walking on the left side of the street that the tram was driving on ( the name of this street is Ilica ). After 400m, by Ilica nr. 275 turn left into street Ivaniceva (at the bakery), and that's it, you'll see the hostel's banner
Remember to use gmaps or whatever else our dear internet offers.